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If you’re a Landlord, Letting Agent or indeed a Tenant and you’re looking for Advice on Landlord and Tenant issues. You can use the menu bar above to search through the Advice for Landlord Guides. We’ve covered as many issues that you, as a Landlord or Tenant could face during the term of any tenancy.

So who is Advice For for? Well although we’re mainly an Advice portal for Landlords, we do also have some Advice for Tenants too. We aim to provide both new and professional Landlords with Advice on all aspects of being a Landlord. There are a number of legal issues and responsibilities that you need to adhere to, especially if you want to keep your tenants happy and in your property for as long as possible. Likewise, as a Tenant you also have your own set of legal issues and responsibilities to adhere too.

Unfortunately, like in any industry, there will always be a few bad apples, so it is our aim to make sure you’re armed with all the knowledge and advice that you should ever need.

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